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*MYB follow Prince William County School Cancellation Policy during the inclement weather season.

Cancellation policy: Should a cancellation or date change of a massage therapy or holistic treatment appointment be necessary, we kindly request your consideration of our minimum of 24-hour notice. Your consideration and advance notice will allow you to avoid a cancellation fee of 
the service price.

Refunds:  Services are not refundable after service performed as time and effort is put into every client.  

Check Returns:   All checks that are returned will be charged a return check fee of $40 plus the amount due on the check. 

Gift Certificates:   Expire 6 months after date of purchaseGift certificates can not be combined with other specials or coupons. Yoga Packages can not be exchanged for bodywork treatments at anytime. Gift Certificates are non-refundable and can not be redeemed for cash at any time.

What if I am pregnant?

You are blessed! Pregnant women should check with their doctor before participating in a class. We offer gentle classes that would be appropriate for pregnant women. Do let your instructor know that you are pregnant, as their will be modifications to a pose offered if needed.  Pre-natal massage is fantastic for relaxation and preparing your body for the birth. 

What do I do before my massage treatment or class?  Drink Water and hydrate the day before and after so your body will work to release toxins at it's optimal level. 

Why do I need to fill out a health intake? It is important that we serve you with professionalism and safety. Information is helpful in delivering an excellent treatment. Contraindications may be present that will help us determine whether we can perform the treatment? Please advise our professional staff of any allergies or sensitivities, or if you are pregnant or taking any medication. Pregnancy, blood pressure disorders and diabetes may preclude some session. 

What can I expect at my first massage appointment? A warm and comfortable greeting.  The therapist will ask you to fill out a health intake form.  A review and opportunity for questions and assessment of your health needs.  Breathing techniques will be introduced.  A focus on skilled treatment and plan.

How often should receive a Therapeutic Massage?  
Studies have proven many health benefits of massage therapy.  We recommend a therapeutic massage every 4-6 weeks.  Some clients may have challenged health conditions which may require bi-weekly or weekly treatments initially, then transitioning to maintenance sessions.

Why is drinking water important after a treatment?  The human body is composed of 70% water, and plays a big role in the balanced functioning of digestion, nutrient, circulation, and excretion.  During a massage, waste products are released into the blood stream.  Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is a preventive health measure coupled with extra water intake after a treatment.  

IYoga for everybody? Yoga is for Children to Seniors.  All yoga poses (asanas) can be modified to the students needs.  It is important to listen to your body and not go beyond your limit.  Yoga teaches you to first become aware of your body, listen, make adjustments while connecting to your breathing.  
What to Wear to yoga?
Feel free to dress comfortably, make sure you can bend comfortably at the waist. Also, bring a sweater as it may get cooler for you during relaxation pose. Yoga is practiced in bare feet. 

Do I need to bring a mat?
We do encourage you bring a mat or purchase on-line.  Investing in a mat may encourage you to do a home practice and yoga anywhere you go. 

Is it okay to bring a cell phone?  
Phones off during class. Thank you for your cooperation.

Should I eat something before practice? 
Try to eat at least two hours before your practice to allow time for your food to digest. If needed, a light snack is okay, especially if diabetic or if you have hypoglycemia.

Can I bring a drink? 
Absolutely, hydrate your body as you exercise! 

What level class should I go to? 
There are many different types of yoga classes offered by My BodYoga,  please read the descriptions or give us a call for further information.. 

What if I'm not flexible? 
Well your in the right class! One of the many benefits of yoga is enhanced flexibility. We also teach you how to strengthen and keep that balance of flexibility. 

What if I have an injury? 
Talk to the instructor before class about any physical limitations you are having to determine whether modifications or props will be needed. Our instructors want you to experience a safe practice with or without limitations. Check with your doctor about attending a yoga class.

All Class purchases are non-refundable.

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