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   9:45 AM  SPA Yoga  
 Tuesdays  9:45 AM  Vinyasa Yoga All Levels  
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   5:45 PM  BodYoga
(Yoga Dance Mix)
              Class Fees
   7:00 PM Hatha Vinyasa Yoga All Levels $15 Drop-in yoga class (expires 1 day) 

 8:15 PM  HULA for Health $20 "New Student" Week Pass of Unlimited Yoga Classes
 Wednesdays  9:45 AM

Vinyasa Flow YOGA

$59 "New Student" Unlimited Month of Yoga Classes    
 Starts in September  8:15 PM  SweatYOGA

" Hot Yoga"
Starts In MAY  4:30 PM Yoga Props $55 4-pack of classes (expires 45 days from 1st class)
$95  8-pack of classes (expires 75 days from 1st class)
 9:45 AM  Vinyasa-Kripalu Yoga $110 Unlimited Yoga for ONE Month (expires 30 days from 1st class)
 Starts in July 11th 5:45 PM
Vinyasa Yoga All Levels

$230 20-pack of classes (expires 100 days from first class)
   7:00 PM  POWER Yoga Private one-on-one/ Buddy classes (1-4 students) 
1 class-$90
2-pack-$165    3-pack-$225

 Fridays  9:45 AM  Restorative YOGA Private group class-
(5-20 participants

   4:30 PM  Happy Hour Yoga  
Enjoy the drink of fresh breath and mindful moving to all genres of music. Classic Rock, Jazz, 70's, 80's, Beatles to Beethoven, and more....

 Saturdays  7:00 AM POWER Yoga -->
 FREE 1x Week For Military
with I.D.
   8:30 AM  GENTLE Yoga/
   9:45 AM  
Yoga All Levels
1st Saturday
of the MONTH
Starts in June

11:00 AM

Christian Yoga

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                       Zumba Classes 

 *MYB Class delay & cancellations follow Prince William County School Closings during the inclement weather season.
Classes are subject to change. Please continue to check on-line for class updates. Namaste'

Options with My Bodyoga Perks: $110 Auto-monthly pay unlimited yoga

Auto Pay for 6 months-MYB Perks
10% off unlimited massage therapy $holistic treatments (for 6 months)
 TWO drop-in "Bring a friend vouchers" ($30 value)

Auto Pay for 12 months-MYB Perks
15% off unlimited massage therapy & holistic treatments (for 12 months)
 Four drop-in "Bring a friend vouchers" ($55 value) 
 Reflexology treatment (30 min.) ($60 value) voucher or gift certificate 

Vinyasa Style: Vinyasa is literally translated from Sanskrit as meaning "connection". It is a synchronized movement of the breath that involves connection of movement with an inhale or exhale, coupled with postures. This style is like a dance because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become fluid. The continual movements from one pose to another gives you added cardiovascular benefit. The routine practice of vinyasa yoga can increase muscle strength, balance, endurance, and reduce levels of stress. 

Simply  Peaceful  Asanas    Asanas- The physical practice of yoga postures that is a form of exercise

SPA YOGA A SigNature SPA Yoga "Simply Peaceful Asanas" class begins with breathing and gentle building of awareness within the body. Gradually build flexibility, strength and balance with poses that will bring health to the body. The class is complete with Yoga-nidra as a aromatherapy infused towel is applied to the forehead.  Yoga-nidra may be rendered in English as "yoga sleep".  

BodYoga: A SigNature style of Yoga created by the Founder A.Sevivas that encompasses the Art of Movement with Dance, Yoga and Meditation, choreographed with music from around the world. The emphasis on the natural flow of energy through the body
and unwinding movements will encourage a healthy balanced body that energizes with every class. 

Yoga for all levels/ Vinyasa Flow  This style of yoga great for everybody,  because of the smooth and fluid transition of poses.  A class created to strengthen your physical body and teach the Art of Focus. A nice flowing mix of beginners to intermediate levels of yoga. Listening to your body and develop new ways to modify poses and take poses to different levels. Your body will build strength, flexibility and coordination with consistent practice.

Hatha Vinyasa Flow: Hatha Yoga is the most widely practiced form of yoga in the world. Hatha Yoga uses postures (asana) and conscious breathing (Pranayama) in combination with mental focus to develop awareness, strength and flexibility, and relaxation.  A nice flowing mix of beginners to intermediate levels of yoga. Listening to your body and develop new ways to modify poses and take poses to different levels. Your body will build strength, flexibility and coordination with consistent practice. Through proper alignment and mindful actions of the body, Hatha Yoga brings balance, strength, and a sense of well-being to the practitioner coupled with the liquid movement of vinyasa.

 YogAbs & Beyond Get your Abs, Butt and Beyond in shape with this class. It's all about targeting the muscles to mold and transform. It's fun, it's fabulous, it's fitting!!

Pilates Plank: Get a mat pilates class with a strong yoga mat foundation. Build strength and work from the core to encourage a healthy body and strengthen immune system.  
Power Yoga: is a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga. It couples closely with Ashtanga style of practice yet without a specific series of poses. It will be dynamic, creative, and powerful. Emphasis ia on strength and flexibility.

Yoga Foundations: Learn the 1-2-3's about yoga. We introduce a little bit of history and share about a variety of styles of yoga people practice. We introduce the importance of breathing and foundational poses that will carry you through your yoga journey. Also, offering alot of alignment support to keep you confident and safe in your poses.
Gentle Yoga
Hatha, the foundation of all yoga. A 60 minute scientific system developed to revitalize the body and calm the mind.  Yoga postures, breathing practices, relaxation and meditation, work together to strengthen and purify the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, endocrine and nervous systems.  
Restorative Yoga-Looking for a class that allows you to spend more time in seated mat poses or resting on your back. Restore your energy and enjoy the opportunity to visit childs pose as often as you would like.
Pre-Natal Yoga-A 1 hour gentle breath and movement class designed for the mom to be.  Learn how to release tension from weight bearing joints and  relax in your body.  This class uses many props coupled with the chair.  Learn to modify poses to care for your changing body.  Experience the gift of movement, meditation and bliss.

Lymphatic Yoga Series: Yoga exercises offer many healing properties including improved circulation of lymphatic channels.  Lymphatic movement and specific exercise will allow the body to lymphatic cleanse to strengthen the immune system.

Yoga for Diabetes: A therapeutic class filled with poses to stimulate the endocrine system, calming the body and mind for stress management, an important part of staying healthy. We encourage that you journal blood glucose reading before and after class.
YogAnxiety: Breathing,. guided meditation, and movement will build your self-awareness in your body. The yoga poses will focus on the nervous system and endocrine system for health and well-being.
Yoga for Chronic Pain
-A therapeutic class to assist with Chronic pain challenges, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, cervical, neck, back challenges, and carpal tunnel.  Assisting with therapeutic techniques, props, supports, and a chair to create an effective yoga class.
Yoga Props- This class involves using props such as blocks, straps, the wall and using a chair if needed. The Art of Stretching, building strength, learning the art of alignment and listening to your body will give you freedom and control to move safely in your body. A great class suited for everyBODY at all LEVELS of fitness. Let's get creative and enjoy the freedom of learning variations and modifications to take any pose into a SPA pose (Simply Peaceful Asana)

Balancing Act-
A 1 hour tummy toner/ Balancing poses to build coordination. Yoga postures and very focused breath work will help you achieve your goals to tighten that tummy.  Breathing correctly will challenge weaker muscles due to shallow breathing, which most of us are in the habit of doing due to stress.  
Yoga Hooping: It is all about hip opening and hip moving while strengthening the core. Exploring the dynamics, complements and benefits of Hooping and Hatha Yoga. A combination that will get you moving.
T.G.I.F. HappYOGA "The New Happy Hour": Your words have much impact on how you can feel in your body. This class will get the BODY and Mind moving in a Happy Place. The Blissful Space will be encouraged by what your mind hears through out this Hatha Yoga practice.Giving Happy Hour on Friday a whole new way to let go and get Happy! TGIF HappYOGA: Your words have much impact on how you can feel in your body. This class will get the BODY and Mind moving in a Happy Place. The Blissful Space will be encouraged by what your mind hears through out this Hatha Yoga practice.

Hot & SweatYoga: A vinyasa style of yoga performed in a heated room. This is a class that will result in detoxification through breath and sweat, increased flexibility and range of motion from flowing movements and deep stretching. It includes various sequences, consisting of different forms of Sun Salutations, vinyasas, focused abdominal work, inversions and arm balances. All instructors will utilize classic yoga postures in an energetic flow, linking movement with breath, and creating sequences that will improve the mind, body, and spirit.
YOGARTZ: A unique way to create an element of inner peace and a masterpiece on Canvas. Yogartz is breath of fresh air in this (2 hour) class that involves a little yoga, classical music, meditation and painting with water-based acrylics on Canvas. The end of each yoga practice is used for painting on canvas.We will give you the opportunity to UN-lock the creative expression within you by tapping into those inner thoughts through movement, music and meditation.
Yogangels -For ages 2.5-5 and a parent must accompany the child during this 60 minute KIDS yoga class. Great bonding time for parent and child. A playful yoga class, simple coloring to encourage yoga foundations, and story telling at relaxation time to keep a little one's attention.
-For ages 6-9 with an energy to conserve.  Learn valuable skills to relax the body and mind to focus.  Build Coordination, strength, and increase flexibility.  Kids will learn new games every class time and exercise with this 60 minute class. 
-For ages 10-13 who want to get a little serious with their yoga practice. Calling for a little acting during our storytelling.  Children learn to take the roll of their most favorite yoga pose, such as turtle, pigeon, down dog, or swan.  A 60 minute blast.
YogaMama w/ Baby -Bonding time with your child in this fun interactive in this class of parent and child. Discover the laughter and joy of bonding with your child (ages 4 mos.-1 year) Let the music enter your soul and let your child explore the dynamics of yoga that can be carried into everyday life.

Yoga Mamas-
Hello Yoga Mamas! If this is your first time on the mat or not, we welcome each opportunity to practice yoga like it was the first time. I'm sure you are a busy & giving mama, maybe searching for a way to take time for "YOU"! We all strive to be the best "Mama" to our "Kids" or our "YogAnimals" Let us find that balance and teach our children to live mindfully through movement and meditation which is the simple act of focus.
Our Vision begins with you creating that colorful SPAce in your life for positive change. Be still and listen, love the body you have, mold your mind to positive thinking that will keep you rooted and moving in right direction. We strive to meet the diverse health and wellness needs of our community through education, bodywork, training, and classes. I have been a practicing Yoga Mama and teaching my kids the ART of "Mindfulness" since they were little ones learning to walk, "YogAngels" to the elementary years,"YogAnimals" and now teenagers, "YogActors". Namaste' Alice
Looking forward to building our circle of yoga mamas.


Hula for Health - Hula, the ancient dance of Hawaii, is known for its grace and elegance. This expressive and interpretive dance often tells a story and serves as a means of self-expression. Work up a good sweat without exhausting yoursef with Hawaiian hula. Hula is slow and contained; nonetheless, this relaxing dance still raises your heart rate and speeds up your blood flow and metabolism. Hula dancing helps you attain good posture, keeps your joints and bones in proper alignment. Thus, help back pain, neck pain, and stiffness yo get from proper posture. Most of all hula dancing relieves stress as it draws your attention to the slow, even, sweeping movements.

"Healing with Stillness and Purpose"- Are you willing to start with fresh mind and healing heart?This class starts with gratitude and how to relax by our own breath including stillness. Class will have question n answer. Learn tools how to open heart and mind and connect with our thought/emotions step by step. Remember this is a process not an event. Intention for this class to form a circle of people who share/help each other including them self with healing energy. Experiment each day with awareness and have fun with life including ups and down because it comes with it. Instead of resisting play with it. So you are up to this please join us and have fun.
My motto/teaching is: Do what you love and love what you do. Live your life with purpose – How?
Ask yourself what gives you JOY, not what makes you happy; because happiness comes from outside and JOY comes from inside. Gratitude breath and how to relax with day to day emotions.


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