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Wellness ....Works for EveryBODY!

What is Chair Massage?  It is designed to work for YOU!  Our state of the art massage chair has been ergonomically designed to conform to your body.  Your session will be fully-clothed and encompass a variety of techniques including compressions, trigger-point therapy, tapotement (tapping), shiatsu (Japanese finger pressure techniques), and stretching.
15 min. $30 per person
30 min. $60 per person
(package prices available) (4 person minimum per visit)

Why chair massage?  It is so easy to get started to enhance your well-being!  Studies have proven that consistent massage will have a positive impact physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Relieve muscle tension and stiffness, increase circulation, which boosts energy and alertness, helps relieve tension-related headaches, calms the nervous system, reduces levels of anxiety, reduces muscle spasms and pain, promotes deeper and easier breathing.

YOGA in the Office!
Weekly yoga classes can be held in a conference room or even outdoors. Take a morning, lunch, or evening after work break and experience the health benefits of yoga. Purchase a corportate yoga pass offering the availability to take yoga classes within a 3 month period. Session options are 30min,
45 min. and 60 min. 

Growing rapidly in the corporate world.  Call to request more information, a quote, or to schedule weekly or monthly sessions. 
Schedule a Presentation and learn how we can make massage and yoga WORK for you.


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