Private Yoga Instruction $75​​    Private Group Yoga Class $125    Yoga Party $149

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Private Yoga Instruction

One on One customized class or bring a buddy. Maximum for private class is 2 people. people. Why a private class? Sometimes students want to have a better understanding with one-on-one attention, learn the basics of yoga (3+ sessions recommended). A student will have the expertise of the instructor to observe posture, gait and holding patterns while providing some insightful direction with movement and how to modify or offer variations specifically for the student. Sometimes recent or past injuries have influenced daily movement and your instructor would offer support and education on how to improve health issues such as back pain to anxiety. Developing confidence to practice in group settings. Cost $75

Private Group Yoga

Up to 8 Students and each additional student add $10. Consider a private yoga class for company team building, birthday parties, bridal shower, friends TIME-OUT or the like. This class can be customized to any of the classes we offer on the schedule. This is a popular way to practice a fitness regiment of MIND, BODY and SPIRIT while bringing your friends, family or co-workers together in the process. Sharing the gift of yoga with one another brings an element of connection on another level as you learn yoga on the mat and how to take these principles hOMe to everyday life. Cost $125  ($10 each additional student)

Yoga Party

Up to 8 Students and each additional student add $10. Please refer to Private Group Yoga description above. This service offers a little extra time so you can enjoy time together after a 60 minute custom yoga class with the remaining hour of private time in the LOTUS Lounge or Open Studio. It might be an opportunity to have a meeting or just mingle. The kitchen area will be provided when you arrive so you can store food and drinks for your party. You must bring all supplies, such as paper products, utensils, cups and your food and drinks. Clean up after your party. Cost $149 ($10 each additional student )

YogArts Paint & Pose Class

a SigNature My BodYoga Class

Get together with friends for a fun hang out or come solo for a colorful class on yoga and poses. A  unique way to create space for inner peace and a masterpiece on Canvas.
Yogarts is a breath of fresh air in this (2 hour) class that involves a little yoga, music, meditation and painting with water-based acrylics on Canvas. The end of each yoga practice is used for painting on canvas.We will give you the opportunity to UN-lock the creative expression within you by tapping into those inner thoughts through movement, music and meditation.
Integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit is essential in attaining well-being. Our Body, Mind, and Spirit are so gracefully woven as one, yet, can easily be so disconnected. Learn how to relax and experience creative nature free spirit within, that will be used during class.
120 minutes.
30 min. of Gentle Yoga 
30 min. of guided imagery meditation to stimulate the creative process
60 min. of Creative Canvas Painting
& Clean-up
Maximum of 12 students per class
Reservation Requirement

(Please email us with your interest in this class at 
Cost $55 per student Includes canvas, paint and a creative experience and painting to take home.