What's NEW?

   Try our SigNature Yoga Wallflower™ classes on the wall! They are an exciting new edition to our studio.

​My BodYoga's SigNature Yoga Wallflower™ classes are held on our amazing rope wall.  We use an Iyengar Yoga style of practice with a soft and steady approach to proper alignment. B.K.S. Iyengar was the originator of many props that are used in yoga studios today, including the Yoga Rope Wall. Yoga Wallflower™ brings a fresh perspective to the understanding of asanas and a new way of thinking when moving in your body. Your practice will begin to blossom in a new way as you approach lengthening, strengthening, back bends, forward bends, twists, and inversions. Are you ready to embrace your inner YOGA WALLFLOWER™?

Classes on the Rope Wall will focus on extended time in poses to experience the alignment principles. Students can expect little to no flow, but gain a whole new perspective on some of your favorite poses by learning to anchor and expand your movement.  Be ready for a new relationship between your practice with the wall, the ropes, and your body as they are used as props for a deeper practice anatomically and energetically.

2570 Dynasty Loop, Woodbridge, VA 22192